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Originally Posted by LesPaul7 View Post
Some people have been speculating this set is the 68 Carousel Ballroom and one of the 1970 shows at the Warehouse in New Orleans.
i just listened to another snatch from the album, the opening track "madison blues (version 1)" - which seems to actually confirm two assumptions:

i couldn't compare it back to back with my carousel copy, but i could swear it's from THAT frisco dates.

furthermore i have my doubts that we can expect substantially enhanced sound quality in comparison to the already available sources. there's evidence that this official release displays the same strange (all too sudden) changes in the stereo panning of the carousel recordings we're already familiar with. and whoever's responsible for it probably wasn't tinkering too much with the frequency range.

at least i personally have lowered my expectations significantly - or to quote mojo's mark blake once again: "approach with caution"!
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