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Default I Want to Go Back to New Orleans

What a great show! Kristin K. and I are working on a review, but first, to answer some burning questions!

No Silver Springs last night. They cut the show short and hustled off with a police escort out of the arena. Guess they had a plane to catch or something.

But - what you're all waiting for - the vampire song!

Before Landslide, Stevie came to the microphone by herself and said something to the effect of, "After it happened, I was glued to my couch like everyone else, and I wanted to write something. I wanted to be positive because I knew you would come back. I've waited a long time to say this to you so I'm going to sing a little bit of a song I wrote now." She took a deep breath, then broke into the song acapella. She sang several bars of it. I wish I could remember all the words, but I can't. Hopefully someone got a video or recording. What words we can remember - it started out "I want to go back to New Orleans. I want to wear feathers and beads." Then the next lines had something about wearing lace and going to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. Towards the end was something like "I wanna brush by the vampires in the street." Then, after she stopped singing, she said "There's a whole song that goes with that." Wonder if we'll ever hear it?

It was a very special, emotional moment.
- Nancy

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