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I assume that you were being sarcastic (doesn’t always translate well in written form) but your question as to when did they REALLY have a chance at releasing the number on CD, the answer is truthfully never on any of the sets cited.
“The Vaudeville Years”, “Show-Biz Blues” and “Madison Blues” are all compilations made up of non-copyrighted material, i.e. live recordings and studio out-takes that the studio somehow did not hold the rights to.
“The Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac” while an admirable example of cross licensing, simply was not the place for the number for obvious reasons.
As with the other examples such as ‘Dragonfly”, and Green’s two solo singles, the powers that be at Warner Bros. Records simply refuse to do anything with the Fleetwood Mac catalog (aside from the Buckingham / Nicks era) not even allowing their reissue label Rhino to put together a package.
Warner Film Archives helped set the standard for “Burn-to-Order” DVDs. Maybe they should look into putting together collections of unreleased material, or existing LPs with bonus tracks, and offering them as downloads or as “Burn-to-Order” CDs.

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